amBX – software that drives modern connected lighting systems

Modern intelligent lighting systems are only as effective as the software that controls them. amBX software is ground-breaking, proven and cost-effective technology that operates at the heart of modern connected lighting systems, providing sophisticated control that is simple to use as well as delivering the data required for intelligent analysis of modern building use.

The benefits of better lighting on connected networks - with amBX software at its heart - is redefining how the world uses light. Building operators, platform providers and suppliers of connected lighting devices that incorporate amBX software will make their own propositions more effective; building owners and facility managers who use amBX to interface with existing building management systems will also be future-proofing their building’s lighting system.

And because amBX software delivers optimum lighting control for different conditions and environments without the need for intricate, time consuming and expensive programming, initial set-up costs can be cut by up to 80%. Later changes to the lighting installation can be easily configured

What makes amBX different?

Unlike other software options, amBX meets the technical requirements of intelligent lighting, delivers to energy efficiency expectations and, most importantly, provides a true people-centric lighting system in your building. amBX is multi-protocol software that enables you to simply and automatically manage the colour and location of light in any 3D space. The exponential sensor data that the software provides can help you continually adjust and improve the lighting experience of people in your building.

Advanced amBX technology delivers a dynamic, real time control option without the need for rules-based programming. Intelligent lighting systems need this combination of factors to provide genuine connected lighting in your building.

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