Light & Human Behaviour

amBX Smart Core uses the unique amBX Light-Scene technical architecture to deliver and manage a wide range of people-centric lighting capabilities and experiences.

The understanding of the impact of light on human behaviour has advanced rapidly. Research has shown that harnessing the positive effects of lighting in new ways can be beneficial in many aspects of our lives. The right type and level of lighting can dramatically improve our performance productivity. New generation lighting technology means everyone will be able to experience the benefits of bio-adaptive lighting, which can be cost-effectively utilised in offices, in homes and in sensitive environments such as schools and hospitals.

The principle of bio-adaptive lighting is to provide artificial light controlled to match the needs of human biological cycles, or circadian rhythms. It provides for improved health and wellbeing and supports aspects of human behaviour that benefit from varied and changeable lighting.

For example: Late-evening light exposure delays circadian rhythms, resulting in later sleep and wake times, and early-morning light exposure advances these circadian rhythms, resulting in earlier sleep and wake times.

Blue light is prevalent in sunlight, so your body absorbs the most during the summer and much less in the winter. Because of this, researchers have suggested adding blue light to indoor environments instead of standard yellow lights to help boost mood and productivity year-round, especially during winter.

An additional benefit can be in handing control over lighting to the individual affected by it. There are few office or workplace lighting installations that allow the workers to change the lighting. A study by the University of Exeter found that welfare and productivity are most likely to be optimised by practices that empower the workforce and that their experiments showed that empowerment was the key differentiating factor in increasing productivity by up to 32%. Today, with amBX, the solution exists to provide simple and effective control this over the hugely important aspect of lighting.

Lighting Wellbeing Dashboard

amBX has developed a lighting Wellbeing Dashboard with the purpose of developing waysd in which buidling managers and occupiers can easily review how the lighting is performing against well-established parameters of lighting impact on humans. The concept was first shown at Lux Live 2017 and amBX is inviting lighting designers, academics and scientists to contribute to the progress of the concept.

Bio adaptive lighting image
Lighting Wellbeing dashboard prototype
Find out more in our download guide to Bio-Adaptive lighting.
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