Light-Scenes are the new apps for digital LED lighting.

amBX Light-Scenes contain all the instructions and amBX scripts for management and delivery of lighting effects, and also the descriptions of how and when those scripts should be used.

Light-Scenes all use the same 3D spatial representation model and so will work in any space – from living room to football stadium. They also work with any number of lights and are easily distributed online.

Light-Scenes can be downloaded from the amBX website or Apple App Store or created by using the Ambient Light-Scenes Builder tool. amBX will also create custom Light-Scenes if there isn’t already one that does the job.

There are three basic forms of Light-Scenes:

  1. Ambient – for full lighting control
  2. Audio – for lighting effects synched to music and sound
  3. Video – for lighting effects synched to video content

Ambient Light-Scenes

Everything from sunrise, daylight indoors to dusk and evening Light-Scenes can be delivered to suit the user. Add a dash of colour and ambient mood or create your own mood at the touch of a button. It’s more than just colour and white light  though as Ambient Light-Scenes control movement, timing and location zoning for simple yet powerful management of lighting.

Audio Light-Scenes

amBX Audio Light-Scenes use the power of amBX technology to add a new dimension to the enjoyment and appreciation of music. Whether you’re listening to your playlist at home or playing a live gig with your band amBX Audio Light-Scenes can lift the experience to new levels. Superb for chilling out and relaxing and excellent for parties!

How it works - the amBX system can analyse audio inputs and deliver lighting effects from them in real time. Either instantaneous or averaged (over a few seconds) sampling for amplitude at High, Mid and Low frequencies is used to drive the effects contained with the Light-Scenes.

So for example, to generate a red pulse effect colour change linked to base beat, the analysis would use:

Mid channel, low frequency, instantaneous amplitude, colour range green(low) to red(high).

At any time a Light-Scenes can have up to 6 independent analysers running. Each of their results can be used within scripts or as triggers for scripts for very sophisticated audio-to-light experiences.

A huge range and combination of effects can be achieved through selection of colour palette, response times, movement and location.

We think you can now almost “see” the music with amBX Audio Light-Scenes!

Video Light-Scenes

amBX Video Light-Scenes extend video content  beyond the screen  by synchronising lighting with the onscreen content in real time or from designed scripts. They add impact and immersive experience to any visual content including still images and even slide presentations.

amBX Video Light-Scenes automatically analyse the video content in different regions of the screen and these can be mapped within the Light-Scenes to lighting fixture locations for movement, space and visual impact.

A completely new experience for the viewer is made possible which engages them with the content at new levels.

How it works - frames from the video stream are captured for analysis in up to 27regions. Each region is analysed using a colour detection algorithm and the dominant colour from each region is provided in the form of a palette, which can be used by the scripts as part of their effects within the Light-Scenes.

Processing is carried out very quickly, with no visible lag between the video capture and a colour changing in the script being displayed by the Light-Scene.

Within the script, different fade lengths can be used to soften or sharpen the effect, sharper effects can be more harsh and distracting in immersive content, but long fades introduce perceived lag for faster material, so choosing the correct Light-Scene provides the best performance.

Video Light-Scenes work with one, two or hundreds of lights.

Now, the experience of video content can be better than ever before for movies, entertainment, presentation and promotional advertising and display. The automated Video Light-Scenes work every time with any video content and for new creative effects amBX scripts can be designed and created to run with any piece of video.

Your screen will never seem the same again!