amBX – software that drives modern connected lighting systems

Modern intelligent lighting systems are only as effective as the software that controls them. amBX software is ground-breaking, proven and cost-effective technology that operates at the heart of modern connected lighting systems, providing sophisticated control that is simple to use as well as delivering the data required for intelligent analysis of modern building use.

The key features of amBX Smart Core control software solution:

  • Powerful and scalable real-time virtualised engine
  • Dynamic management of high volumes of sensor data
  • amBX Light-Scene architecture removes need for programming
  • Rapid setup and re-configuration functionality reduces costs
  • Includes bio-adaptive/human centric lighting capability in any space
  • Designed for full integration with BMS and 3rd party building systems
  • Sophisticated lighting control independent of lighting type and protocol

amBX Light-Scene Architecture

An amBX Light-Scene is the combination of several parameters describing the required lighting experience in any space, particularly location, colour, intensity and dimming settings. The lighting experience in any space is controlled via a Light-Scene which allows the system to react in real time to the environment and make easy work of getting the optimum lighting right every time.

amBX Light-Scene architecture avoids complex programming needs and is idealy suited to IoT type deployments.

Maximum interoperability without compromise

Architected solely in software, amBX Smart Core is ideally suited for inclusion as part of an overall lighting system and as the intelligent lighting control layer in a smart building implementation. The Smart Core API allows deep access to both the functionality of the system as well as the operating data, making it an ideal solution for integration with building automation systems. 

Intelligent lighting without constraints – new build and retro-fit
Smart Core includes a separate Driver layer to allow connection and control of multiple lighting types, thereby removing the constraints on many other systems. A range of lighting can be used and controlled within any single space or a mix of existing lighting can be managed alongside new lighting types within a single control system.
Smart Core supports a wide range of lighting protocols including DALI, DMX, IP/PoE and Wireless connected lighting.

Smart Core branded or white-label custom solution?

amBX Smart Core is available as a licensed software system with Smart Core branded application toolsets for Design & Commissioning, Facility Manager & end user applications, as well as a white-label solution with tool reference designs. Whether the need is for a single solution or for a new standard of lighting intelligence as part of your proposition, Smart Core is perfectly suited to match your needs.

Read more in the Smart Core overview which can be downloaded here.

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amBX Smart Core Overview
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