Architectural Lighting

amBX is radically changing architectural lighting through powerful control technology that eliminates the need for complex and expensive programming.

Lighting projects of all sizes for the built environment benefit from the amBX approach of combining powerful and dynamic lighting control with simple to use apps designed for anyone to use. Couple that with the advantages of rapid setup and commissioning and a future-proof software system and new levels of cost effective excellent lighting are achieved every time.

The inherent interactive and dynamic capability of amBX allows for new dimensions in architectural lighting. Subtly changing lighting experiences can be driven by environmental conditions or even online data in real time to create unique environments which move beyond static lighting efffects.

amBX is the way to change architectural lighting for the digital age.

Residential Lighting

amBX can be integrated into the home to bring you this new world of light at the touch of a button in a way that suits you. Compatible with all leading home automation and control systems, amBX puts total lighting control in your hands through touchscreen controllers, iPads and even your phone.

You can schedule your Light-Scenes to suit you and have the sunrise as you get up in the morning and a warm welcome ready for you when you arrive home. When you want to watch TV, a movie or play a game amBX brings your lighting into play and fills the room with the action with its unique video Lightscape capability. Imagine an immersive home theatre experience in your living room from your existing TV!  For the first time you have true control over the lighting in your life to suit you.

For those special occasions and entertaining you can transform your home with the ambience you want. A wide range of music Light-Scenes lets you set the mood exactly with automated lighting effects from your own music and playlists.

Those of us who want the light settings just right for reading and your favourite pastimes can now have exactly the lighting scene we seek which can be customised to your exacting requirement and instantly available to you.

With the right Light-Scenes you can energise your day, enhance comfort and relaxation and even party the night away!

amBX is changing the way we use and enjoy light and whether it’s a single room or the whole house amBX can take intelligent lighting to new levels for you.

View the video for a look at how amBX can change your world!


amBX in residential from amBX Limited on Vimeo.

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