A revolution in commercial lighting will take place over the next few years which will see smart and connected lighting becoming the preferred choice for lighting offices and public buildings. This revolution is driven by four factors:

  • The drive to LED lights
  • The emergence and real-world application of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The advantages of using Power over Ethernet (PoE) lights
  • The ability to use lighting in new ways to create healthier, more productive workspaces and environments, known as Bio-adaptive lighting


amBX Smart Core is a powerful control software solution with a unique and  innovative approach to the management of lighting that is designed for this new generation of digital and connected lighting.

amBX software delivers new ways to setup lighting, deliver the optimum lighting every time for changing conditions and environments and without the need for intricate, time consuming and expensive programming.

The benefits of using amBX compared with traditional lighting controls are many and include:

  • Truly dynamic and reactive lighting control
  • Optimum energy efficiency through effective lighting control
  • Purposed for smart connected lighting and the IoT
  • Optimum lighting experience every time
  • Works with a wide range of new and existing lighting types
  • Suitable for retro-fit as well as new build
  • Rapid set-up and cost-saving commissioning process
  • Flexible system with open integration for working with other building systems
  • Includes bio-adaptive lighting for true human-centric lighting experience
  • Scalable system from a single room to an entire building
  • No programming required

Traditional Lighting Controls systems in office buildings can perform many automated energy saving functions well, however they are acknowledged to be time consuming and expensive to set up and awkward to use. Due to their “programmed” approach they are inflexible and are usually difficult to modify as buildings change. With amBX, commissioning and running costs can be cut by up to 80% and the end-user has a system that responds to their needs and adapts to their changing requirements in ways that were previously impossible.

How does amBX work?
amBX Smart Core technology offers a fundamentally different approach to lighting control that breaks the traditional programmed link between control and device; the “if this, then that”, type of programming that has made systems time consuming to set up and inflexible to use. It delivers high performance lighting control without the need for costly programming.

  • amBX works by controlling the lighting in single or multiple spaces based upon end-user desires and environmental factors such as levels of daylight, time of day, temperature and data received from other sensors or systems.
  • The software then takes account of all these factors and produces, in real time, the best implementation possible of the desired outcome using the lighting available to maintain the optimum lighting experience.
  • By using a “perfect” virtual implementation of the desired outcome within the software the system can work with a wide variety of lighting types and protocols to deliver the best lighting experience in the real world
  • amBX lighting experience outcomes - Light-Scenes - are scalable. Similar light scenes can be applied to a few lights, tens of lights or even hundreds or thousands of lights without additional work. No other lighting control system is able to do this. This ability to scale is fundamental to saving commissioning time.

Complex programming has long been the Achilles heel of lighting control. Despite using a “no programming” approach the amBX system supports an extremely wide range of ways to interact with lighting. From standard apps, physical keypads or switches and sensors, to remote Internet access its elegant and easy to use interfaces make it easy to manage both simple and sophisticated lighting experiences.

At amBX we have announced that Molex Inc. have selected amBX Smart Core as the control solution at the heart of their Transcend lighting system for IP networks and PoE fixtures.

amBX is a Cisco Solutions Partner