Modern lighting can transform any space and now amBX technology puts that power in the hands of the operator with powerful yet simple to use controls that can change your business

A revolutionary way to control modern LED lighting, amBX brings an unbeatable range of advantages that make it the best choice for any hospitality business.

The power to transform your venue and ensure that the perfect ambience is created every time by a simple push of the button comes as standard.

Choose from a huge array of Light-Scenes or set it up yourself just how you want without the need for technicians or complex programming. And when you want to change it, just push the button!

 The amBX system is designed to suit venues of all shapes and sizes and manages different lighting in different rooms all from one system. Control couldn’t be easier via touch screen apps or a preset schedule to make your venue change according to the time of day, event or simply the mood.


Sound-to light can be used to create a unique experience with your playlist for anything from subtle ambience up to real party mode.


Colourscaper home screen thumbnail.png

amBX Colourscaper app screenshot
amBX Colourscaper app screenshot

The simple to use apps give you complete control over the lighting and the atmosphere of your venue, way beyond simple dimming. When used with some colour accent lighting the ability to change from warm and comfortable daytime to a really cool evening feel is now yours.

Use the lighting to set the mood, because now it’s so easy to do!

 And when you want to set it up for a special event you can arrange the lighting just how you need it with the unique amBX Live app.

8N Live app screenshot.png

amBX Live lighting control app screenshot
amBX Live lighting control app screenshot

With amBX unique location control, amBX Live allows you to stand in the room and set up the lighting in seconds. No technical skills or complex lighting settings or programming required.

amBX lighting control is a real business advanatge for any venue.

Cavendish Venues London
The Brewery, London
Plas Heli, the National Sailing Academy of Wales
York Barbican Theatre
Manchester Arena concourse