Lighting is an increasingly important part of the world of marketing, promotion and display advertising but the dynamic nature of the subject has made it difficult for lighting to be a true part of the message. amBX solves this and now lighting can be used to add and create impact, enhance the message and provide an interactive experience with both outdoor and indoor and digital and static media.

amBX has partnered with leading lighting specialists for the outdoor advertising sector Bright Green Technology who work with outdoor media owners all over the world to improve the quality and impact of OOH advertising.  Enhanced Illumination brings dynamic lighting to media sites, increasing impact and confirming their iconic status.

Software from amBX delivers high performance lighting control without the need for programming or complex interfaces.  Digital content is interpreted in real time and automatically matches the lighting of the structure to the display.  This means that lighting can be in corporate colours or creative effects can be triggered in time with the content.

The unique amBX system has already been adopted by major media owners and Bright Green Technology will be managing sales to the OOH market and introducing the system to new clients. 

The advertising sector can now harness the power of lighting!

amBX in Digital Outdoor advertising from amBX Limited on Vimeo.

London major poster site with amBX lighting control
Jaguar LandRover video wall